Farm safety guidelines

Green Valley Farm + Mill is home to Green Valley Community Farm, two other agricultural operations, tenants, residents, and a whole ecosystem of wild and domestic plants and animals. We do everything we can to make sure this is a safe place for you and your family to spend time here. However, this is a working farm. Below are a few guidelines to keep you, your dependents, and us farmers safe while on the farm.

  1. Children: Parents must supervise their children at all times while on the farm. The farm is home to all of the equipment, tools, saws, knives, tractors, tractor implements, pitchforks, electric fences, barbed wire, livestock, gizmos, etc., that help us grow food. There is also a creek and a large pond on the property. All of these things are quite enticing to children and can also be quite dangerous. Guardians must be aware of what their children are doing at all times while on the farm. Please proactively teach them farm safety from the beginning of your time here. Children are not to play with or around the tractors, tractor implements, or farm tools.

  2. Fire: The farm is a part of a very flammable ecosystem. There is no smoking, or flames of any kind, allowed on the property.

  3. Poisonous plants: Whenever you are picking food for yourself on the land, be sure that you can positively identify what you are picking. The herb and flower garden includes tons of edible plants, but also some that should not be eaten. There are wild plants on the property that are poisonous, such as the wild spring flowering sweet peas. If you’re ever confused about what you’re picking, stop! Check in with one of the farmers, or wait until you have a positive ID.

  4. Livestock: The land is home Bramble Tail Homestead and their amazing cows, steers, and baby goats! These animals are friendly but are not to be approached without supervision or permission from a farmer. Please be aware that single-strand fences are electrified. Please don’t touch the fences, or go inside them without supervision from a farmer. Please move slowly and gently around the animals whenever they are near.

  5. Gopher traps: Please be aware of what our gopher trap looks like and how we mark their location. Please be mindful of where you’re picking and be careful not to touch a trap.

  6. There are no dogs or pets allowed on the farm.

  7. Members must wear shoes at all times. This was an old mill site and small pieces of metal, screws and nails abound.

  8. Ticks: There are plenty of ticks on the property, some of whom may carry Lyme’s disease. They are especially prevalent in the spring and early summer. Check yourself and your children thoroughly after leaving the farm.

  9. Poison Oak: Leaves of three, let them be!

  10. Food Safety: We wash all harvested greens once with sanitized water immediately after harvesting. We do not wash some thins like garlic, melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. because they store better that way. We recommend you wash all produce at home before consuming it. All u-pick crops are, of course, as yet unwashed. 

  11. Water Quality: We irrigate with non-potable pond water. Do not drink out of any irrigation hoses, pipes, or spigots. Potable water is available in our barn, in the creamery, and in the Mill bathroom.


Now go have fun!