Saturdays from 8am - 1pm and Tuesdays from 1pm - 6pm. 

All produce is picked up at our barn at 13364 Green Valley Rd. in Sebastopol. The fields and garden are a short walk from the barn. The fields and garden are open 7 days a week for u-pick and enjoyment.

When does harvest pick-up start?

Each year’s exact start date depends on the rains that year (usually falling sometime between mid May and early June. In 2017, one of the wettest years on record, we started harvest pick-up on June 17th and ran for 26 weeks, ending on December 12th. 

...And when does it end?

Harvest pick-up runs for 26 weeks from the start date.

Can I come on either harvest pick-up day?

Yes, members can come on either Saturday pick-up or Tuesday pick-up, whichever you choose, you don't have to tell us which day you're coming, and it can change each week. We do ask that you come fill up your bag only once per week. For example, if the season starts on a Saturday, "Week 1" would encompass a Saturday pick-up and the following Tuesday pick-up. You could come get your produce on either day, we just ask that you do not fill your bag on both Saturday and Tuesday of Week 1. 

You're welcome to come to the farm for u-picking, flowers, herbs and enjoyment as often as you like.

Can I really take whatever I want? How do quantities work?

Take what you'll eat!

We post weekly limits on certain crops when they are scarce (for example, “1 bunch Bok Choi per share” or “1 pint strawberries per share”). We note limits next to the applicable crop and on a chalkboard in the barn.


In general, we ask that members take only what they’ll use. The tote bag limits your total volume of pre-harvested produce  for the week: Up to one tote bag per week (for single bag shares) or two bags a week (for double bag shares), etc. The member tote is large (18" wide x 14" tall x 6" bottom) and can fit around $60 worth of produce at the Farmer’s Market.

 U-pick crops, flower bouquets, herbs, and some bulk crops like preserve cabbages and cucumbers and large melons and squashes, do not need to fit in the bag.

what's up with your pricing? My husband and I don't eat very much produce but we are paying more than our single friend who usually takes home more produce. is that fair?

Our model is unique in what you are paying for is a relationship to the farm, and a share of the farm's harvest, rather than a set quantity of produce each week. 

In contrast to transactional economics (i.e. "How much can we sell this apple for?" or, "How cheaply can I buy this apple?") the question that informs our pricing is, "How much does the farm need from our adult members to grow bountiful food for them while also taking care of the land, planet, farmers, and our farmworkers?"

The idea originated in the associative economics of Rudolf Steiner, who also influenced Waldorf education and Biodyanamic agriculture.

i can't afford a share. Do you offer share price assistance?

Yes. Please request share price assistance in our sign-up form. Share price assistance is funded by other members who've donated to our Share Price Assistance Fund!


No, u-pick crops are icing on the cake and do not have to fit in your tote. The same goes for flower bouquets, herbs, and some bulk preserve crops and some large melons and squashes.


No, a share of all of the crops and produce the farm grows is included as part of your membership.23

Can I give away produce to friends and relatives?

Potlucks? Yes! Dinner parties? Definitely! If you have extra at the end of a week? Of course! 

In general, your harvest share is meant to provide for the daily needs of you and your household. If you would like to bring produce from the farm to your Grandma every week, we ask that you count her as an adult member of your household when signing up.

Does the share include fruit?

We are just planting our orchard so the share does not stone or pome fruit.

The share 2018 share will include melons, strawberries, raspberries, wild blackberries... and of course fruiting vegetables like squash, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

How big is the tote bag and how much food fits in it?

The member tote is large (18" wide x 14" tall x 6" bottom) and can fit around $60 worth of produce at the Farmer’s Market.

Couples, even three adult households, rarely find the need to exceed one tote bag per week.

Can I share a share?

Yes. You may share a share (for example, two couples alternating weeks). We ask that members sharing a share fill one bag at harvest pick-up each week and divvy up produce off the farm, or that the households alternate weeks, rather than filling two half bags the same week. Please let us know if, and with whom, you will be sharing a share.

 We note any limits and color code the weekly u-pick goodies on the board in the pick-up barn.

We note any limits and color code the weekly u-pick goodies on the board in the pick-up barn.

How do I find u-pick crops in the fields?

Color coding. Each u-pick crop is listed on a chalkboard in our barn with a colored flag symbol next to it. Look for that colored flag in the fields or garden and wallah!

What if I miss a week or go on vacation?

If you are going to be away for part of the harvest season you're welcome to offer friends or family members your share in your stead. Please orient them as much as possible to the farm yourself and have them check in with one of us the first time they come to the farm. Vacations are a great opportunity to give the gift of the CSA experience to someone you love.

Can I sign-up Participate on a monthly or weekly basis?

No, membership is for one full season.

can I come visit the farm before signing up?

Yes! We'd be happy to show you around the farm and answer any questions you have.

Can I join late into a season?

Yes, if there is space once a harvest season is underway. We can pro-rate the cost.

What if I want end my membership? Are there refunds?

Only for unforeseen circumstances. Please only sign up for a season membership with reasonable assurance that you'll be able to see it through. We are crop planning for you! If you would like to cease membership mid-season for a refund, we ask that you help find your replacement.