We are a regenerative, community supported farm nestled alongside Green Valley Creek in Sebastopol, California. We're part of what puts the farm in Green Valley Farm + Mill.

We grow over 200 varieties of vegetables, flowers, herbs, berries and specialty crops which we distribute primarily through our Community Supported  Agriculture (CSA) program. Read about the CSA here. Our mission is to connect CSA members to the land, plants, people, and natural processes that provide their tables. We offer:

  • A 26-week, on-farm, free-choice harvest pick-up of an abundance of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. You decide what goes in your bag!

  • Season long u-pick crops: Pick your own flowers, herbs, strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins, cherry tomatoes, flowers, herbs, and more... any time you wish

  • Access: The farm is open to members to picnic, gather, enjoy open space, appreciate beauty, unwind, and connect

  • Farmstore: The farm is a place to pick up goodies from collaborators on this land and from other local producers including eggs, chicken, and Bramble Tail Homestead's dairy, beef, and herbal remedies

  • Participation: We host work-parties, seasonal celebrations, workshops, and volunteer opportunities

  • Community: This is your neighborhood farm — a place to connect with your neighbors, land, and food