CSA Membership Agreement

Becoming a member of Green Valley Community Farm's CSA program means signing-up to support the farm at the beginning of the growing season and in-turn becoming shareholders of the harvest, receiving a share of it each week. By paying upfront, members provide timely financial support to the farm in the early part of the season. Members  share in the farm's harvest of produce, herbs, and flowers and have access to the farm throughout the year. Please read about the logistics below. The sign up form follows.

Your Share Includes:

  • 26-weeks of abundant fruit and veggies. Once a week from June through November members come to the barn to fill up their Green Valley Community Farm  tote bags with anywhere between 18 to 22 seasonal, freshly-harvested fruits and vegetables. All produce is picked up at our barn located at at 13364 Green Valley Rd. in Sebastopol. Occasionally crops will have weekly limits due to the arc of the seasons, or scarcity for other reasons, for example, 1 melon per share per week or 2 pints of strawberries per share per week
  • Access to all U-Pick fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. In addition to the pre-harvested fare you get to choose from in the barn, members have access to all of our u-pick crops, flowers, and herbs. These crops do not have to fit in your tote bag. U-Pick crops may be harvested on any day of the week, sunrise-to-sunset, and many are unlimited. We ask that when picking, you be mindful of  your fellow members and take a reasonable amount. We will post limits next to crops if needed to ensure everybody gets some.
  • Open access to the farm.  Members are welcome to visit the farm, sunrise to sunset, 7-days a week, to gather u-pick crops, take walks, picnic, or enjoy the open space.
  • You will receive a weekly newsletter including what to expect for the week’s harvest and u-pick crops, updates from your farmers, recipes, and community notices.
  • You will receive a tote bag and member handbook outlining farm etiquette and safety guidelines.

Peak Harvest Pick-up Schedule: Peak harvest pick-up days will run for 26 weeks from around early June through November. Each year’s exact start date depends on the preceding winter's rain but will fall sometime in late May or Early June. In 2017, one of the wettest years on record, we started harvest pick-up on June 17th. Harvest pick-up runs for 26 weeks from the start date. For example, in 2017 pick-up ran from June 17th until December 12th. 

Members may come collect their produce once a week, either on Tuesday from 1pm - 6pm, or on Saturday from 9am - 1pm. If you are not able to make it to a harvest pick-up day because of travel or other circumstances, you are welcome to send friends or family in your stead.

Pick-up Location: All produce is harvested in the fields and distributed to members in our barn at 13364  Green Valley Rd., in Sebastopol. See driving directions here. Our u-pick garden is a short, 50 foot walk up a small hill from the pick-up barn. The main fields, where u-pick crops  are sometimes located, are about 200 yards eastward from the barn.

Membership Dues: Dues are calculated based on 1.) how many bags of produce the individual, group, or household wants to take home each week and 2.) how many adults are in the group or household. (Each adult in a household or group is counted regardless of their participation in the farm or general vegetable consumption.) Kids ride free.


For example...

  • One free-choice bag for one adult: $750 per season ($28.85 per week)
  • One-free choice bag for two adults: $1,000 per season ($38.50 per week)
  • One-free choice bag for three adults: $1,250 per season ($48 per week or $16 per adult)
  • One-free choice bag for four adults: $1,500 per season ($57.70 per week or $14.42 per adult)
  • Two-free choice bags for two-adults: $1,500 per season ($57.70 per week or $28.85 per adult)

Sharing a share: Households are welcome to share-a-share (for example, two families alternating weeks or two individuals alternating weeks). Please specify if you will be sharing a share in the comments section of the sign-up sheet below. We ask that groups sharing a share have one point person to manage payment and scheduling. Please also include the email address of those sharing if they would like to receive our weekly farm newsletter.

Payment Schedule: A $100 deposit is required upon sign-up to reserve your spot. If paying in full, payment is due upon sign-up. If paying in installments: The first installment is due March 1st (or upon sign-up); the second installment on May 1st; and the third installment on July 1st, 2018. Please contact us if you would like to set-up an alternative payment schedule.

Share Price Assistance Fund : Sustainably grown local food and farmland access should be available to everyone. Please consider making a contribution towards our share Price Assistance Fund below when signing up. This fund goes directly to families in our community who would like to join the CSA but are in need of a reduced price share. To request Share Price Assistance, please indicate so in the sign-up form below.

Safety: Members will receive a handbook with farm safety guidelines at the beginning of the season. We strive to make the farm as safe as possible for all our members, especially the children. That said, a working farm can be a prickly, pokey, pugnacious, puzzling place sometimes. We ask that parents supervise their children at all times. 

Orientation: We will host a new member orientation the first week of harvest pick-up.

Shared Risk: By joining the CSA, you are agreeing to share in the risks of the growing season with us and other farm members. This can include individual crop failures. The diversity of the farm as a whole means that these are often offset by abundances in other crops.

Refunds: Please sign-up for a season membership only with reasonable assurance that you'll be able to enjoy it all year. We offer refunds only for unforeseen circumstances. If you would like to cease membership mid-season for a refund, we ask that you please find a someone to replace you.

Contact us: If you have any questions about the farm or about becoming a CSA member, or would like to schedule a visit, please send an email us at greenvalleycommunityfarm@gmail.com.

TO SIGN-UP for 2018, please fill out form below!