Salmonids are our neighbors

Did you notice the fish in our logo? That’s our neighbor, the Coho Salmon! Green Valley Creek — which borders the farm —is one of the last remaining creeks in the Russian River watershed to support spawning Coho. Patient members can still spy this magnificent species  swimming up Green Valley Creek to spawn. In the Fall of  2017, the Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District will break ground on a major habitat restoration project on the Green Valley Farm + Mill property.

As temporary stewards of this farmland, we're responsible for leaving it better than we found it. For us this means never using harmful chemicals, sprays, or fertility practices that injure water quality in the creek. It means investing in riparian buffer zone plantings that improve biodiversity around and water quality within the creek. And it means using efficient irrigation practices to conserve water and to invest in earthworks that will slow and meter the flow of water into Green Valley Creek.

Green Valley Community Farm members can participate by 1.) Attending Gold Ridge RCD habitat restoration workshops and talks (we will keep you informed) and 2.) Donating to Green Valley Community Farm's Salmon Habitat Restoration Fund. All money in this fund will go toward purchasing perennial plants for our riparian buffer zones.