7/20/18 - Week 7 - Farmer Superhero Powers

As every Marvel superhero has an origin story, a nemesis, and a special superpower... so does every farmer.

And sometimes, when the task is large, these otherwise solitary rangers band together and combine their powers into an unstoppable weed busting, gopher bashing, flower, herb, and veggie growing squadron.

This year's farm crew is such a company...

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2018 GVCFarm crew:


Anna Dozor: A Santa Rosa native, Anna joined us in January and Gotham has never been safer. If anything looks or tastes good on the farm, we have Anna's hard, skilled work, and butt-kicking attitude to thank. She brings with her a wealth of experience on farms from New Hampshire to Humboldt and hopes to start a farm with her sister one day.

Super Power: Organization

Origin Story: Milking cows, as a girl, at Emandel in the golden Mendocino Hills

Tool Belt: Wheel Hoe, Japanese Hand Hoe, Clipboard

Nemesis: Disorganization

Sidekick: Anya the cow

Favorite Crop to Grow: Garlic

Theme song: Graceland by Paul Simon

Fun Fact: Once had Shabbat with Matisyahu

Favorite Spice Girl: Scary Spice


Kate Beilharz: Raised wild in a yurt outside of Austin, Texas, Kate has been helping Kayta fight crime at Russian River Vineyards since January. Her formidable farm super powers became legend and we head-hunted to help us fight the uptick in bindweed related crime. She brings with her a wealth of experience on farms from Boulder, Colorado to her family's beautiful new fairy homestead in the banana-belt up above Occidental.

Super Power: Communicating with and controlling soil biology (i.e. mycelium and mineral nutrients)

Origin Story: Sitting in the Naropa greenhouse eating figs and basil

Tool Belt: Felcos, Hori Hori knife, and earbuds for podcasts

Nemesis: Bindweed

Favorite Crop: Salad turnips baby!

Sidekick: Truffles the Russian River Farm cat

Theme song: Concerning Hobbits by Howard Shore

Fun Fact: Lived in a yurt, as a child, for six years

Favorite Spice Girl: Who are the Spice Girls? See answer above....


Kayta Brady: The one-and-only, femme-fatal leader of our farming squadron, she needs no introduction. Her powers have been unleashed on farms from Columbia, Missouri (her homeland) to the Back Forest of Germany. Along with her side-kick Bilbo the Cat, she crushes vegetable boringness.

Super Power: Crop-planning, Speed

Origin Story: Getting lost in the corn patch at her neighbor Bernice's

Tool Belt: Swiss made stirrup-hoe... the world's best. Excel Spreadsheets

Nemesis: Pigweed

Favorite Crop: Carrots

Sidekick: Bilbo

Theme song: Wild Bill Jones by Doc Watson

Fun Fact: Has a cookie named after her in Williamstown, Massachusetts

Favorite Spice Girl: Doc Watson


David Plescia: Spawned in the tranquil suburbs of the Santa Clara Valley and raised by an unsuspecting mathematician and a physical therapist, if you had told David he would be farming when he was 18, he would have spit out his Starbuck's caramel iced coffee. But a chance volcano explosion whilst WWOOFing on a farm in Argentina lead David to believe farming was the most epic thing ever.

Super Power: Making it rain from the sky
Origin Story: Cleaning leeks in Patagonia near said exploding volcano
Tool Belt: Framing Hammer. Impact Driver. 

Nemesis: Early mornings

Favorite Crop: Cover crop

Sidekick: Spady McSpaderton (a reciprocating spader)

Theme song: All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

Fun Fact: Moonlights as a trance DJ. Open for bookings...

Favorite Spice Girl: David Beckham