10/13/17 - Week 18 - Fires

A load of produce headed to the CERES Community Project kitchen

A load of produce headed to the CERES Community Project kitchen

Our hearts are heavy thinking of our Santa Rosa members and many friends and fellow farmers whose lives were turned upside down this week by the fires.

Through members Sarah Salamon and Cole Bendenelli (who is a chef at Ceres) we have been able to send loads of produce to the Ceres Community Project kitchen, where it is being prepared into meals for the shelters and responders. Our understanding is that they are in need of grains and proteins at this time. We will continue to coordinate with Ceres and other outlets to ensure GVCFarm produce gets to those who need it.

It has been unbelievably surreal farming in what feels like a war zone. Kayta and I have been trying to maintain the farms as best we can -- anxious and helpless as helicopters fly overhead and smoke rises in the East.


The first frosts visited the farm this week, zapping the tomatoes and ending the cucumbers and summer squash for the season. But our 7 varieties of winter squash are curing in the greenhouses thanks to some special helping hands and our berries seem to be making a late season rally... a good sign for 2018.

So we take heart in simple things this days; like Winter Squash, camaraderie, and the site of this beautiful community coming together to face this tragedy. 

Stay safe & stay strong & see you in the fields, 


Harvest pick-up will resume this Saturday, 8am - 1pm as usual. 

IMPORTANT: It is vitally important that we keep the roads and highways accessing the fires and response basecamps as clear as possible for this effort. Please be mindful of this, and current road and fire conditions, before making a trip to the farm.

If you, or a local loved one are in need of shelter in this time, please reach out. The Victorian Farmhouse at Green Valley Farm + Mill is open to evacuees. We have rooms, beds, hot showers... and plenty of vegetables. Kayta and I have a guest room in our house as well. 

Email our neighbor and fellow CSA member, Temra at temra@gvfam.com. She'll be managing availability.

THIS WEEK'S HARVEST: Delicata Winter Squash, Bodega Red Potatoes, Cured Yellow Onions, Fresh Torpedo Onions, Heirloom Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Tomatillos, Summer Squash, Daikon Radish, Green Magic Broccolini & Bishop Cauliflower, Napa Cabbage, Celery, Rainbow Carrots, Red Russian Kale, Dino Kale, Spinach, Spicy Mustard Mix, Cherokee Summercrisp & Red Little Gem Lettuce

U-PICK on the FARM:

  • Cherry tomatoes: Sungolds, Black Cherry, and Super Sweet 100's in three Rows marked with the blue flags in the main fields.
  • Jack O' Lanterns: Pay a visit to the pumpkin patch by finding the pink flag in the main fields. If frost threatens again (and it looks like it is) we will bring the into the barn. Limit 1 per share. For households with two or more children, limit is 2 per share. 

U-PICK in the GARDEN: 

  • Shishito and Black Hungarian Frying Peppers (still a few left) 
  • Padrones & Jalapeños
  • Husk Cherries 
  • Strawberry snacks
  • All herbs and flowers.