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property requirements

We have a vision -- we are looking for the right property. While many site-requirements are flexible, and a farm's scale and design can be adapted to a given site, here are some minimum site requirements we have identified.

  • Land: At least 3 acres of flat, prime agricultural soil, with good sun exposure / aspect.
  • Water: 10,000 gallons per week available in summer for 3 acres agricultural soil (More agricultural soil = more water needs.)
  • Working Infrastructure: A barn, or a building envelope for the construction of a barn: 1,500 sq/ft minimum.
  • Housing: At least a single family dwelling. Ideally we're looking for a property that could accommodate 3 dwellings, for family and farm employees.
  • Access: Good road access and parking availability (for up to 20 vehicles) for farm members, community events, and workshops.
  • Not too remote! "No farm is an island." We'll need the support of many neighbors, fellow farmers, and ready access to town.
  • Biodiversity: A wild aspect. Riparian, forested, hilly zones. Geographical, structural, and ecological diversity on the property is an important requirement for us.