The Farm Vision

Our vision is to bring a true CSA farm to our community. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms provide members with a direct relationship to the land and people that provide their food. In California, the original CSA model has often been diluted into a "box-service." We want to create a true CSA farm and galvanize a community of neighbors around the land that feeds them.

how csa works

Members of the community buy a share in the farm at the beginning of the growing season. In turn, members receive a weekly share of the harvest and open access to a vibrant working landscape -- for the gathering of herbs, flowers, and surplus produce for canning and storage; for simple enjoyment, open space, play -- and goat petting! By sharing in the risk of a small farm upfront each year, members are brought into a real experience of the true costs and true abundances of eating off local land. Because the farmers are in direct relationship with their members, this model is often less expensive for consumers than buying produce at market.

Grow healthy soil, the rest will follow

We'll grow beyond-organically and with a multi-generational outlook. For us this means utilizing low or no-till practices, crop rotation, perennial and annual cover crops, and rotational livestock grazing to build fertility into the soil. It means establishing and maintaining wildlife corridors and hedgerows to increase wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and reduce pests. It means constructing swales, slowing, sinking, and conserving water. By building a thriving, self-regulating ecosystem, pesticides and herbicides become obsolete.
Farming can be a win-win for us and the environment. It can build biomass and sequester carbon; it can increase wildlife habitat and biodiversity; it can sink and retain water -- all while bringing abundant food to our tables . Our goal will be to share this reality -- and pints of sun-ripened strawberries -- with our members.

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