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Thanks for being here! We are David Plescia and Kayta Brady and we are looking for land to build our dream farm: A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm that puts the health of the land first and brings a community of neighbors into a direct experience of the joys and challenges of eating from local land. We built this website to help orient our partners in this search.

  •      The Farm Vision page offers an agricultural and social snapshot of the farm business we hope to build.
  •      The Land Search page outlines some minimum requirements for the property we would need to build this farm.

OUR background

We met as apprentices at Caretaker Farm in Williamstown, MA in 2012 and have been farming side-by-side ever since. Together, we have over 10 years of horticultural experience in systems ranging from no-till, horse-powered, biodynamic vegetable farming to mechanized wholesale production. Currently, Kayta manages the farm for the Russian River Vineyards Restaurant, a farm-to-table restaurant in Forestville, CA and David is a field manager at New Family Farm, a 15 acre diverse vegetable wholesaler in Sebastopol, CA.

We are fortunate enough to have private capital available for a down payment on a property and toward the initial capitalization of the farm business -- equipment, site development, etc.