What is community supported agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between a farm and the people it feeds. Neighbors provide financial support to a farm at beginning of the growing season and in-turn become shareholders of the harvest, receiving a share of it each week  — fresh from fields they know and love and picked by farmers they trust.

By becoming member-owners of the harvest season, people share in the lived experience — the risks and the abundances — of life on a local farm.

Green Valley Community Farm's mission is to bring this experience to West County. We offer free-choice on-farm harvest pick-up, abundant u-pick crops and gardens, and an open invitation to visit the land and participate on the farm.

What does membership look like?

weekly produce

The heart of our CSA is a 26-week harvest season of over 200 varieties of vegetables, flowers, herbs, berries, preserve and specialty crops. From early June through Thanksgiving, members come to the farm on Tuesdays from 1pm to 6pm or on Saturdays from 9am-1pm to fill a large canvas tote with whatever they choose from rows of freshly harvested produce set out in our barn. Selection changes with the seasons and you decide what goes in your bag! 

Each week there are anywhere from 14 to 20 pre-harvested crops choose from: Crisp head lettuces and salad mixes; arugula, mustards, and chicories; spinach, kales, specialty Asian brassicas, dandelion greens; rainbow carrots, colorful beets, heirloom potatoes, succulent radishes and turnips; striped Armenian cucumbers, summer squash, a cornucopia of heirloom tomatoes, rich eggplants, and hot and sweet frying peppers; garlic, scallions, leeks, and specialty onions; robust heads of cauliflower, crisp kohlrabi, sweet broccolis, heirloom cabbages, Brussels sprouts, and cool fennel bulbs; juicy melons, ruby raspberries, mouth-watering strawberries, and crisp sugar snap peas; in the Fall, we enjoy rolling out a cast of heirloom winter squash varieties including pie-pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns, and we mill our own polenta and flour corn. You might even find some wild harvested natives in the mix — roasted Bay Laurel nuts anyone? 

Because we don’t ship our food you get it the same day it was harvested, for unparalleled freshness and nutrition. Our model also enables us to plant smaller batches of heirloom varieties selected for taste, beauty, and novelty rather than mass marketability. Even seasoned foodies will discover something new in the harvest.

U-PICK crops

Each week, the farm is speckled with seasonal u-pick crops which members harvest themselves directly from the fields. Pints of strawberries, sugar snap peas, frying peppers, and cherry tomatoes in the summer... Jack-O-Lanterns, green beans, and ornamental corn in the fall.

The farm is open for u-picking  7 days days a week, sunrise to sunset. 

flowers & herbs

We maintain an extensive u-pick flower and herb garden for members to enjoy. The garden is a place to picnic with friends, spot a migrating Monarch Butterfly, pick a bouquet for the table, and gather fresh herbs for the week.

We grow over 20 varieties of perennial and annual herbs — basil, parsley, cilantro, dill, various mints, thymes, sage, sorrel, lemongrass, lemon verbena, culinary lavender, chamomile, tulsi, etc.  — and over 20 varieties of edible and cut flowers including dahlias, snapdragons, cosmos, zinnias, love-in-a-mist, ornamental amaranth, bachelors buttons, calendula, and sunflowers. 

The garden is also open for u-picking 7 days a week. Bring a friend!

Preserves, specialty crops & add-ons

Throughout the harvest season, there are ample opportunities for members to make preserves such as dill pickles, pickled beets and green beans, cabbage krauts and kim-chi, basil pesto, canned tomatoes, dried herbs, and more. We also grow and mill our own heirloom corn into polenta and cornflour and are experimenting with bringing native foods into the share.

U-pick crops, flowers bouquets, herbs, and special crops like preserve cabbages and cucumbers, and large melons and squashes, do not have to fit in your bag and all are included in the share at no extra cost.


Members can also opt to purchase exquisite, agro-ecologically produced meats, dairy, bread and other add-ons from collaborators here on the land and from other local producers. Options include: Green Valley pasture-raised dairy and beef and herbal products from our landmates at Bramble Tail HomesteadHalf-Wild Farm eggs, Parade the Land pastured chickens raised down the road in Graton, and small batch organic sourdough breads from Gaby Tiradani of Hawk Hill Microbakery. Add-ons make your trip to Green Valley Community Farm as practical as it is fun.


Our mission is to offer the chance for people to create a meaningful relationship to the land, plants, people and processes that provide their tables. We do this in three ways:


The farmland and gardens are open to members everyday, sunrise-to-sunset, to gather u-pick crops, to visit the calves, to enjoy the open space, and watch the seasons change in the fields. Tuesday and Saturday pick-up days are particularly festive with kids playing and neighbors chatting in the rows.


We host weekly volunteer days and work parties around major seasonal tasks like the potato, corn, and squash harvests and garlic planting and harvest. Working with a group of people to bring in a harvest is an unforgettable experience and adds a rich note of satisfaction to any meal.


As Wendell Berry once wrote, "A significant part of the pleasure of eating is in one's accurate consciousness of the lives and the world from which food comes." Members receive a weekly newsletter with recipes, farm news, musings, observations, and stories of life on the farm. The newsletters are a weekly journal entry of life on the farm. Read previous newsletters here.


Our model frees us up to do what we do best — farm — which means we can grow more of a greater diversity of crops at less cost to you. When you compare sample CSA shares to Farmer's Market or even conventional grocery store prices, our CSA is a great value.

Dues are calculated based on how many adults are in your household. Each adult in a household or group is counted regardless of their participation on the farm or vegetable consumption. Kids ride free. 

Prices below include 26 weeks of produce plus all u-pick crops, flowers, herbs, preserves and specialty crops.

COST COMPARISON : At Farmer's Market rates, this sample share from late October 2017 contains $80.50 of produce ($53.50 worth of pre-harvested produce and $27 worth of u-pick crops, flowers, and herbs). If a two-adult, one bag share is $46.15 per week, that's $34.35 of savings!

COST COMPARISON: At Farmer's Market rates, this sample share from late October 2017 contains $80.50 of produce ($53.50 worth of pre-harvested produce and $27 worth of u-pick crops, flowers, and herbs). If a two-adult, one bag share is $46.15 per week, that's $34.35 of savings!


  • Single-adult share: $800 ($33.77 per week)

  • two-adult household share: $1,200 ($46.15 per week)

  • three-adult household share: $1,450 ($55.77 per week)

share price assistance:

We believe sustainably grown local food and farmland access should be available to everyone. To request Share Price Assistance, please indicate so in the sign-up form below. Alternately, please consider making a contribution towards our Share Price Assistance Fund when signing up. This fund goes directly to families and individuals in our community who would like to join this CSA but are in need of a reduced price share.